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Devil's Backbone Plant | How To Grow From Cuttings ? | Pedilanthus/ Jacob's Ladder From Cuttings

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Grow Devil's Backbone Succulent Plant easily from cuttings this way!
Growing Pedilanthus Tithymaloides From Cutting With Updates!!

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The scientific name for Devil's Backbone succulent plant, Pedilanthus tithymaloides, means foot-shaped flower. The plant is native to the American tropics but only hardy in USDA zones 9 and 10.
It makes a superb houseplant with its 2-foot tall stems, alternate leaves and colorful “flowers” which are actually bracts or modified leaves.
Growing the plant is easy and propagation even simpler. Just cut a 4- to 6-inch section of the stem from the plant. Let the cut end callus for a few days and then insert it into a pot filled with succulent potting mix. Keep the potting mix lightly moist until the stems root. Then repot the new plants in a good succulent potting soil. Care of devil’s backbone babies is the same as the adult plants.
Devil’s backbone houseplant likes bright indirect sunlight. Plant in direct sun in fall and winter, but give it a little protection from stinging hot rays in spring and summer. Just turning the slats on your blinds can be enough to keep the tips of the leaves from sizzling. Water the plants when the top few inches of soil feel dry. Keep it only moderately moist, yet not soggy. The plant produces the best growth with a once per month fertilizer solution diluted by half. Devil’s backbone houseplant does not need to be fed in the dormant seasons of fall and winter. Choose a draft free location in the home when growing Pedilanthus indoors. It doesn’t tolerate cold breezes, which can kill off the tips of the growth.
(Source: Gardening Knowhow)

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