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2 years ago

About For Books Dollars & No Sense: Why Are You Spending Your Money Like an Idiot?: Budgeting,

In this book, we'll be tackling the familiar challenges of personal finance management ... but in an unfamiliar way. If your main money problem is simply "I don't have enough of it!," you may be surprised at the approach this book will take. Here, you will not find the same old tips and tricks on how to save money by re-using teabags or buying rice in bulk. Instead, we'll get to the very heart of what money actually means, how we spend it and why, and what you can do to start using what you have right now to create a lifestyle that has meaning for you. We'll consider the root causes of careless spending, as well as the three biggest but largely invisible money myths we all believe in to some extent. We'll then consider ways to start creating a budget that works for you and your goals, rather than against it. My hope with this book is that it'll give you a starting point to begin to reconsider your relationship to money and, by extension, your relationship to yourself and the world you live in. My hope is that you'll find something that inspires you to think differently and make different choices, ones that will leave you feeling more in control and more fulfilled than before. We each only have one life - here's to spending it wisely!
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