Animated Bible Stories: John, the Baptist- New Testament

  • 4 years ago
Luke 1:5-25

The story of John the Baptist begins as Elizabeth, an older woman who is unable to have a child. One day her husband, Zacharias goes to the temple and is visited by the Angel Gabriel, who tells him that his wife is to bear a son. Zacharias can't believe the miracle, but the angel assures him, that all things are possible with the Lord.” But because of his disbelief, Zacharias suddenly falls deaf and mute. When Elizabeth’s son is born and he is asked what to name his son, he writes “John” on a tablet, immediately his hearing and speech are restored. The proud father shares with the family members that the child will grow up to fulfill the biblical prophecy. He will be a prophet, preaching the coming of the savior. John grows up strong in his beliefs of the word. He began baptizing people in the river in the name of the Messiah, preparing the way for Jesus.