4 years ago

7 Ways to Shut Down Your PC (Windows 10)

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Do You know there are 7 different ways to shut down your computer system?

Many of us know only the common way to shut down a pc but there are some amazing tricks to shutdown a windows 10.
In this video, I have shown you the 7 most amazing tricks to shutdown you system.

Below are the 7 Ways to shut down your pc:

1.Shutdown Computer using the Start Menu.
2.Using Alt+ F4 Keyboard Button
3.Using Window PC from Run Command
4.Using Command Prompt
5. Using slidetoshutdown.exe program
6. Using Win+X in Window 10
7. Using Window PC Shortcut Icon

Bring up the Start menu by pressing the Win key on your keyboard or by clicking the Win button on the lower left corner of Windows 10 desktop, then click the Power button, and then click Shut down or Restart. This is the most commonly used method for Windows 10 users to shut down or restart the computer.
Open the Win+ X menu by pressing the Win+ X keyboard shortcut or by right clicking on the Win icon on the lower left corner of Windows 10 desktop, then point to the ''Shut down or sign out'' option, and then select Shut down or Restart. You can use Win+X Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10 to help do this task.
Press the Alt + F4 keyboard shortcut to open the Shut Down Windows dialog. Click the drop-down button under ''What do you want the computer to do'', then select Shut down or Restart and click OK.
Open Run dialog box by pressing the Win+ R keyboard shortcut. To shut down your computer, type shutdown /s and click OK.
Open a Command Prompt (or CMD) window, then type the same command as in the Run dialog box, and press Enter key to shut down or restart your computer.

This will drop in your lock screen image from the top, which will cover half of your screen, as shown in the figure below. Slide the image to the bottom of your screen using your mouse (or your finger if you are using a touchscreen) to shut down your computer. Press any key or click on any area of the screen to cancel shutdown.

You can create shutdown and restart shortcuts on Windows 10 desktop so that you can simply double click the shortcut to shut down or restart your computer, if you want.