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How to remove Melasma&Blemishes Dark spots Permanently(Part 1)Best supplements for all face spots

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My name is Sunita Sharma. I live in USA. On this channel you will see videoz related to health beauty lifestyle fashion and travel.As Im fitness enthusiastic and very passionate about learning and finding natural & ayurvedic solution to stay fit and beautiful. I wanna share my learning with you all on this platform.please join me on this journey if you are looking for natural ways for your skin and health related issues and much more like i said fashion lifestyle and travel.Stay tuned.

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1. Multivitamin I Use:- https://www.fairhavenhealth.com/peapod-prenatal
recommended Multivitamin in india my mom use equally good:-https://www.amazon.in/Carbamide-Forte-Antoxidants-Probiotics-Multivitamins/dp/B072MLTYXD/ref=sr_1_4?crid=PXCZUWFEBRHM&keywords=carbamide+forte+multivitamin+daily+for+men+and+women&qid=1574307228&sprefix=carbamide+forte+multi%2Caps%2C425&sr=8-4
2.Fish oil my hubby use here available in india on amazon:-https://www.amazon.in/Nature-Made-Fish-Omega-360mg/dp/B07M78Z8KT/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=naturemade+fish+oil&qid=1574307302&sr=8-8
3. Flax seed oil i use available on amazon india;-https://www.amazon.in/NOW-Foods-Flax-Seed-Ounces/dp/B0013OUOQW/ref=sr_1_26?keywords=now+flax+seed+oil&qid=1574307397&sr=8-26
4. Digestive engymes we used available on amazon as well;-https://www.amazon.in/Zenwise-Health-Probiotics-Supplement-Vegetarian/dp/B00RH5K26I/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=zenwise+digestive+enzymes&qid=1574307541&sr=8-3
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