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Quick Chicken Keema Handi | Chicken Keema Recipe | Chicken Fry Keema

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Quick Chicken Keema Handi. How To Make Quick Chicken Keema Handi. Chicken keema Fry recipe, learn how to make chicken keema recipe using this easy step by step recipe.Chicken keema fry is very a lazy-cook friendly recipe. If you are like me and want to spend minimum time in the kitchen with the best results, this recipe may just be the right one for you. Buy minced meat, obviously, and there’s really not much time spent on chopping and preparing to make chicken keema because it’s quite simple and easy going that way. I have served it with breads (made it a tad more moist in that case) and rice too, the latter being my personal favourite although not as common or popular.

kg chicken mince

large tomatoes

large onion

green coriander

Salt to taste

cup oil

green chilli

tablespoons ginger

tablespoons garlic

red chilli powder

turmeric powder

black pepper


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Keema recipe in hindi

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Keema Recipe

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Chicken Keema Recipe

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Quick Chicken Keema Handi

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