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3 years ago

WE Control Dad like a VIDEO GAME with Magic Remote!!!

Stella & Jameson Control DAD like a Video Game using a magic video game controller.

Dad tells Jameson that he has to clean up his room but Jameson is only interested in playing Minecraft on his Nintendo Switch. Dad takes away Jameson's Nintendo and tells him he has to clean his room before he gets it back. Jameson is sad but a mysterious alien comes into his room and hands him a magic remote that will control dad like a video game. Jameson takes the remote and makes dad clean his room for him. Then he goes downstairs and let's Stella have a try. Stella isn't as good at video games as Jameson so she gives the remote back to him. Jameson makes Dad get the candy for Stella and himself. Mom comes down and sees Stella controlling dad so she takes the magic hat off of dad and gives him self control again. Mom and Dad then plot to get even with Jameson