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Mark-Alexander Uth Football Stats ⚽ Age, Current Team, Mark-Alexander Uth Net Worth

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Pause Foot News and Tech
Thanks to WorldGoalStats, you’ll discover more about Mark-Alexander Uth than you’ve ever known. The first things you’ll learn here are player’s stats in a big football career, his net worth and Biography.

Catch on Mark-Alexander Uth Age & Salary, actual info about his Current Team and Best Football Clubs! Do you know how tall Mark-Alexander Uth is? Here you may discover everything: from his height and native town to the highest achievements. In addition to that, we made a promise to the god of football will get you covered on the up-to-date football stats.

Don’t hesitate to watch our expert inquiry if you care about such things as Mark-Alexander Uth goals and assists statistics or a little bit more obscure facts: whether your favorite player is left or right-footed, what’s his agency and his second position. And, indeed, that there’s a list of clubs and national teams Mark-Alexander Uth has played.

Comprehensive list of Mark-Alexander Uth skills and dossier:

Full name: Mark-Alexander Uth
Position: Centre-Forward
Birthday/Age: 24.08.1991 / 28 years old
Height: 185 сm
Net Worth: 148575000 €
Max Salary: 23000000 € last up-date: 05.06.2019
Last FC: TSG Hoffenheim
Total cups: 1 awards

The brief list of Mark-Alexander Uth Clubs activity statistics profile:

FC TSG Hoffenheim: 86 apps ⚽ 33 goals ⚽ 15 assists
FC Heerenveen: 42 apps ⚽ 21 goals ⚽ 12 assists
FC 1.Köln II: 41 apps ⚽ 16 goals ⚽ 4 assists
FC Heracles Almelo: 31 apps ⚽ 10 goals ⚽ 4 assists
FC Schalke 04: 29 apps ⚽ 4 goals ⚽ 3 assists
FC 1.Köln U19: 26 apps ⚽ 24 goals ⚽ 5 assists
FC H'veen/Emmen II: 25 apps ⚽ 22 goals ⚽ 4 assists
FC Hoffenheim II: 1 apps ⚽ 1 goals ⚽ 0 assists
FC Schalke 04 II: 1 apps ⚽ 0 goals ⚽ 0 assists
FC 1. Köln: 0 apps ⚽ 0 goals ⚽ 0 assists

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