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Dawson - The Newest Recruit Gets Pranked | Chicago Fire

Chicago  Official
Chicago Official
It's firehouse 51 tradition for every new candidate but can the team successfully prank Dawson.

Season 3 Episode 6 "Madmen And Fools"
While on a call the team saves a young boy who has gotten his head stuck in a balcony railing that has given way and is hanging precariously. Later, the boy is taken away from his mother for a past charge of neglect and abuse. Brett gets emotionally involved when the mother begs for her help, something Severide advises her not to do. After investigating, Brett and Severide vouch for the mother and pressure child services to return the boy. Following the call, Dawson asks Hermann to give her more training and have some faith in her while on calls to which he agrees, although he rides her to do extensive training. Elsewhere, Casey is pulling out all the stops to ensure his sister does not get railroaded in the divorce. It turns out his sister signed away her rights without understanding what she was doing. With the help of Newhouse, he is able to find dirt on Jim and his mistress and is able to push him into submission.

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