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2 years ago

About For Books The Collaborative Classroom: Teaching Students How to Work Together Now and for

Collaboration drives progress in every area of life and industry. From business to politics, collaboration is an in-demand skill that today?s students need?so why does the modern education system focus almost exclusively on individual tasks and assessments that leave students unprepared for the collaborative world??Maybe it?s because of how difficult group work has been to plan, manage, and assess.In The Collaborative Classroom, Trevor Muir brings to light the dynamic possibilities that occur when students learn to work together. Muir shares how to teach students to do it effectively so that teachers can actually love group work. He shares the tools, techniques, processes, and inspiration developed from his own classroom and from the insights and experience gained from master educators and industry leaders.This book is for you if you want to . . .Effectively manage collaborative work timeDesign the optimal groupsHelp students give and receive constructive criticismFacilitate student-led collaborative class discussionsEmpower all students, introverts and extroverts from any grade and any subject area, to purposefully and meaningfully collaborate?The Collaborative Classroom is a practical guide for teaching all students?whether in a K?12, college, or beauty school-?to combine their gifts and successfully collaborate.???Winn Claybaugh, founder and dean of Paul Mitchell Schools?Trevor skillfully provides the blueprint for intentional teaching of collaboration skills by sharing a repertoire of strategies, resources, and tools that are eminently practical and yield a higher level of problem solving. . . . This is a must-read for any teacher or administrator.???Kim Austin, principal of Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School??Trevor Muir has crafted a practical guide that helps teachers tackle one of the biggest challenges they face: how to cultivate meaningful collaboration. As a master storyteller, he shares powerful examples of what happens when teachers take collaboration to the next level with their students.???John Spencer, professor and coauthor of Launch and Empower