"KO LAN" Top 17 Tourist Places | Ko Lan Tourism | THAILAND

  • 5 years ago
Ko Lan (Things to do - Places to Visit) - KO LAN Top Tourist Places
Island in Thailand
Ko Lan is a small Thai island off the coast of Pattaya, in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s known for its beaches, set against a backdrop of wooded hills. In the north, Ta Waen Beach is dotted with restaurants and shops.

A large, stingray-shaped building dominates Samae Beach’s north end. The beach is famed for its clear water and sunset views. Small monkeys inhabit the hills around coral-ringed Nual Beach, in the south.

"KO LAN" Top 17 Tourist Places | Ko Lan Tourism

Things to do in KO LAN - Places to Visit in Ko Lan

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KO LAN Top 17 Tourist Places - Ko Lan, Thailand, Asia