Asian Cocktails: Creative Drinks Inspired by the East Best Sellers Rank : #1

4 years ago
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Tired of the same old cocktails? Looking for something new to spice up your evening? Introduce yourself to the wild and wonderful world of Asian-inspired drinks with "AsianCocktails"?: you'll be glad you did! Try a Sake Mojito on for size, or the mouthwatering Hanoi Hooker, the aptly named Coriander Collins or, for the perfect after-dinner treat, the Lychee Alexander. "Asian Cocktails" is an exciting collection of 90 cocktails, including 10 non-alcoholic drinks and a handful of tempting bar snack recipes such as Tamari Almonds and Curry Popcorn With flavors ranging from bold to subtle, "Asian Cocktails" reflects the taste and style of 15 mixologists--from 5 countries--who contributed recipes to this special book. A perfectly balanced mix of old favorites and new temptations, this book is sure to make your next cocktail party a hit.