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  • 4 years ago
What should Fazal ur Rehman do now? Public Opinion || Updates Pakistan

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Public tells the difference between Fazal ur Rehman's Azadi March & Imran Khan's Sit-in, with Mahi Sheikh for Updates Pakistan

مولانا فضل الرحمان اور عمران خان کے دھرنے میں فرق ؟
عوام کو کن مشکلات کا سامنا ہے؟ سنئیے عوام کی رائے

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Azadi March: Live updates
Won't let anyone play with Pakistan's law, ideology or constitution"
JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman lashed out at Prime Minister Imran during his Azadi March speech on Sunday.

“Keep sitting on the chair, this nation doesn’t recognise you as its ruler,” he said to the prime minister.

Fazl said that the government was reminding him about following the court’s decision.

“I want to ask you, how many judicial verdicts did you respect,” he asked.

Fazl said that the incumbent government was afraid of his Azadi March. He said that his marchers had reduced the government’s mountain of ego to dust.

“The Azadi March has reduced their [government] mountain of debt to dust,” he said.

Fazl said that this was not the way the country could be run. The JUI-F chief said that Pakistan could only be run in accordance with the law and constitution.

Fazl calls Prime Minister Imran, parliament 'fake'
JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman lashed out at the government in his latest speech, on Friday, at the H-9 venue.

"When he [Prime Minister Imran] went to the United States, he wasn't even received by a schoolteacher," he said.

Fazl said that Pakistan had even upset China. He lashed out at the government for alleging that foreign loans had been used by politicians in money laundering and corruption.

"He even abused us and the country in his US jalsa," said Fazl, referring to the Prime Minister's address during his first official visit to the US.

The JUI-F chief said that Prime Minister Imran's politics was based on just one word and that was calling others thieves.

Fazl also lashed out at the government's negotiating committee, saying that they did not have the capability to understand the opposition's demands.

"They don't have the capability to understand our demands or convey them to the government," he said. "Which is why I tell them to bring me the prime minister's resignation."

The JUI-F chief criticised the legislation that was done on Thursday in the parliament, when a record number of 13 ordinances were approved in an hour-and-a-half.

"Fake ordinances through fake representatives is not acceptable," said Fazl.

He said that the armed forces of the country had established peace in the country by giving tremendous sacrifices.

"This peace could not have established without our cooperation," he said.

Fazl said that if the nation was against those who picked up arms in the name of religion, then Prime Minister Imran was a 'Qabza Group' and he should also be opposed.

‘We speak of constitutional supremacy’
Fazl addressed the marchers late on Friday,