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2 years ago

GRILLED CHICKEN SIZZLER | How To Make Chicken Sizzler | Grilled Chicken Sizzler Recipe By Varun

Learn how to make Scrumptious 'GRILLED CHICKEN SIZZLER' with our chef Varun Inamdar.

Grilled Chicken Sizzler is an extremely tasty and healthy sizzler, which is made up of mix grilled vegetables, grilled chicken, and brown chicken sauce.

Ingredients For Marinade:
(Serves 2)
- Salt
- Pepper
- Fresh Oregano
- 1 tbsp Oil
- Chicken Breasts

Ingredients For Grilled Vegetables:
- Oil
- 1 Carrot(blanched & chopped)
- 5-6 French Beans(blanched & chopped)
- Tomatoes
- Salt
- Pepper

Ingredients For Chicken Brown Sauce:
- Oil
- Chicken(chopped)
- Carrot(chopped)
- 1 Tomato
- 1 tsp Brown Sugar
- 1 tbsp Soy Sauce
- 3 tbsp Water
- Salt
- Pepper
- Chilli Flakes
- 1 tsp Corn Starch
- Water

Ingredients For Schezwan Rice:
- 1 cup Cooked Rice
- 2 tbsp Schezwan Sauce

Ingredients For Grilled Chicken Sizzler:
- Cabbage Leaves
- French fries
- Grilled Carrot
- Grilled French Beans
- Grilled Tomatoes
- Schezwan Rice
- Grilled Chicken
- Butter
- Chicken Brown Sauce

1. Heat grill pan on high flame
2. Now take the chicken in a bowl, and add salt, pepper, fresh oregano, oil, over it
3. Add oil in the grill pan, and spread it evenly
4. Now, add the marinated chicken pieces to the grill pan
5. Add chopped carrot, french beans, tomatoes to the grill pan
6. Keep turning the vegetables and chicken, so that it cooks evenly on both he sides
7. Now, add salt, pepper over the vegetables
8. Mix it, and take out french beans & chopped carrot in a separate bowls
9. Add some oil on the side of the grill pan, and add chopped chicken, chopped carrot, tomato over it
10. Take out the chicken and tomatoes which have been grilled
11. Now spread the Chicken brown sauce mixture throughout the pan
12. Take one cup of cooked rice and add schezwan sauce over it
13. Cover the rice back and add brown sugar, soy sauce, water to the grill pan
14. Allow the chicken brown sauce to boil over a high flame for around 10 minutes
15. After 10 minutes, add salt, pepper, chilli flakes to the mix
16. Take water and add corn starch to it
17. Mix it and add it to the grill pan
18. Saute it and take it off the flame
19. Strain it in a large bowl
20. Now, in the same grill pan add cabbage leaves, french fries, grilled carrot, grilled french beans, grilled tomatoes, schezwan rice, and grilled chicken
21. Add some butter on the top and pour the Chicken Brown Sauce over it

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