"ULAN UDE" Top 40 Tourist Places | Ulan-Ude Tourism | RUSSIA

  • 5 years ago
Ulan-Ude (Things to do - Places to Visit) - ULAN UDE Top Tourist Places
City in Russia
Ulan-Ude is a city in East Siberia, Russia. The main square Ploshchad Sovetov is home to the huge Lenin Head Monument.

The City History Museum is set within the former house of a tea merchant. Nearby is the 18th-century Odigitrievsky Cathedral. To the north, Datsan Rinpoche Bagshaw is a Buddhist temple with gilded stupas and sweeping city views. The outdoor Ethnographic Museum displays traditional Buryat wooden yurts.

"ULAN UDE" Top 40 Tourist Places | Ulan-Ude Tourism

Things to do in ULAN UDE - Places to Visit in Ulan-Ude

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ULAN UDE Top 40 Tourist Places - Ulan-Ude (Улан-Удэ), Russia