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3 years ago

Tap Into a $30 Trillion Pool of Funds for Your Real Estate Investing with Kaaren Hall - REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR WOMEN EXTRA

Despite being in the midst of a recession and mortgage market collapse, Kaaren Hall founded and made a resounding success of uDirect IRA Services. The single mom discovered a strategic way to put her 20+ years in mortgage banking, real estate and property management to use.

The solution was an untapped market for both her skills and for investors – self-directed IRAs. Through uDirect IRA, she has guided tens of thousands of Americans through the process of diversifying their investments using self-directed IRAs. Learn more about Hall and her thriving company at

In first part of this episode, we talk about:

o If self-directed IRA is for you

o Can you borrow money from your IRA?

o Can you get a loan directed from your SDIRA?

In the EXTRA part of this show we discuss:

• What are the 3 steps to self-directed IRA investing

• How to get started now

• The importance of due diligence and what to pay attention to

If you want to find out more about this amazing vehicle for growing wealth and investing in real estate contact uDirectIra at or call them at 866-447-6598

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