The Future of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are NOT in Finance | Blockchain Central

  • 5 years ago
This week on #BlockchainCentral:

In this video, we want to share our first think-piece. In the Blockchain Central office, we often get talking about the future of blockchain, #cryptocurrency, and whether or not certain projects or ideas will survive. But the future of blockchain and crypto is quite possibly not in #finance.

Blockchain and the subsequent creation of the cryptocurrency with this technology is having a hard time refining the financial structures around the world. China's digital currency is looking to be released soon, as well as Facebook's Libra coin, which is attempting to redraw the lines for financial inclusion around the world. But with China's cryptocurrency being completely centralized, and Facebook's Libra currency being regulated well before it's release, will we see a breakthrough for blockchain financial products?

Today we tackle this question that we all have been dreaming for an answer to: why isn’t blockchain changing the world (of finance)? Bitcoin has been attempting to change the way we transact financially with one another, but as a peer-to-peer currency, it has not reached critical mass just yet. So what’s next?