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2 years ago

Welcome to BTS heaven: House of BTS in Gangnam

Arirang News
Arirang News
Time for our "Life & Info" segment,... where we focus on information useful for your everyday life.
Today we're going to talk about the House of BTS, a pop-up store in Seoul dedicated to the K-pop boyband.
We have our Kan Hyeong-woo with us in the studio to tell us more.
OK, Hyeong-woo, fill us in on this pop-up store that is causing a fan frenzy in Seoul's most famous neighborhood.
Mark, so the House of BTS actually opened about two weeks ago on October 18th.
The pop-up store is located in between Seoul's Gangnam station on subway line two, and Sinnonhyeon station on line nine.
The four-story complex is divided into two sections.
The basement is the main showroom...where visitors can check out BTS-related merchandise and mark down what they want to buy in the catalog... which is given to customers in the line outside the store.
After finishing their order, fans can receive what they have bought on the first floor.
But before that, the second and third floors are designed to make fans feel as if they are in the boy band's famous music videos... with scenes recreated from their 'Idol' and 'DNA' videos.
There is also an augmented reality booth where fans can "dance" with BTS.

So it's BTS heaven for fans... to say the least.
I hear that some fans get there super early in the morning to get in because the lines get long fast as you'd expect... also if our viewers want to go themselves is it free to enter if you just want to browse?
Anyone can get in free of charge.
But yes, you are right about having to wait your turn.
I went there and talked to some of the visitors earlier this week.
Here's one of them.
"We came here and we lined up at six in the morning, exactly and stayed for five hours. But you know what? It's worth the wait. We are here now. This place is so amazing. Worth the wait and I'm really having a good time."
The House of BTS is open from 10 AM to 10 PM.
It's closed every Wednesday, but it will stay open on Christmas and New Year's Day both of which fall on a Wednesday this year.
A member of staff working there said they only allow about 2-hundred visitors inside the complex at one time.
I was also told that around 17-hundred people get to go inside each day...meaning if you get in line outside after 3 PM, you might not be able to see what's inside the store.
So you better get there early if you want to have the full BTS experience.
Okay. That's a good tip.
We see these fans from all over world that love BTS so much.
But Hyeong-woo, why do BTS have such a global appeal compared to other K-pop groups?
You know...experts have been looking at the phenomenon to try to analyze what's happening.
But I thought the best explanations should come from BTS fans firsthand.
Let's find out.
"They deliver very positive energy and also they give good conception to fans all around the world. And they give good influence to fans around the world."
"At first, I never liked a K-pop group, but I saw BTS. My heart is going down and I get my heart on the floo