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2 years ago

SAMOSA CHEESE SANDWICH | How To Make Grilled Samosa Cheese Sandwich | Samosa Sandwich Recipe|Bhumika

Learn how to make Tasty Breakfast Recipe 'Grilled Samosa Cheese Sandwich' with our chef Bhumika Bhurani.

Grilled Samosa Cheese Sandwich is the basic solution for leftover samosa's. It taste's delicious and makes a perfect breakfast recipe. It can be enjoyed with Tomato Ketchup.

Ingredients for Grilled Samosa Cheese Sandwich:
- 2 Bread Slices
- Butter
- Sweet & Sour Sauce
- 1 tsp Mint & Coriander Chutney
- Tomato Slices
- Capsicum(julienne)
- Onion Slices
- Samosa
- Chaat Masala
- Cheese(grated)
- Butter

1. Take two slices of bread and apply butter, sweet & sour chutney, mint & coriander chutney
2. Now place tomato slices, capsicum julienne, onion slices, samosa on the bread, and put some chaat masala from top
3. Add grated cheese over the veggies and close the sandwich other slice of bread
4. Now, heat a griller on medium flame and butter the top & bottom of the sandwich
5. Place the sandwich over griller
6. Keep flipping it over, in the middle and press it on bothe the sides
7. Slice the sandwich diagonally and top it with some more cheese

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