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Lesbian quiz: Test your lesbian trivia from Gentleman Jack to TV's first lesbian kiss

How much do you know about lesbians? Take our lesbian history quiz to test your knowledge on all things Sappho from Anne Lister, to butch lesbians at the Stonewall Riots, and Ellen DeGeneres' big coming out moment.

Watch our bisexual history quiz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1107f...

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1. Who was Anne Lister and where did she live? 0:09
2. The Stonewall Riots are famous for being led by Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera but who was the also lesbian leading the protest? 1:15
3. Which island once sought an injuction to try and stop people from using the word lesbian? 1:47
4. True or false: A group of lesbians once abseiled into the Houses of Parliament and made it onto live TV. 2:15
5. When was the first lesbian kiss on UK TV and what show was it on? 2:55
6. Which country elected the world's first openly lesbian prime minister in 2009? 3:11
7. When was the first known lesbian organisation founded in the United States? 3:40
8. Which lesbian novel was banned by British courts for being ‘obscene’ because it defended "unnatural practices between women"? 4:31
9. True or false: There is a Swedish town of 25,000 lesbians who don’t speak to men. 5:00
10. Lesbian comedian Ellen DeGeneres came out in 1997 but how did she come out? 5:51

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