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मोमोज की चटनी - Momos ki Chutney| मोमोज की चटनी बनाने का सबसे आसान तरीका |Momos chutney Recipe|Deepu

Learn how to make Spicy and Delicious 'Momos Ki Chutney - मोमोज की चटनी ' with our chef Deepu.

हमारे शेफ दीपू के साथ जानिए मोमोज की चटनी बनाने का सबसे आसान तरीका |

Momo is a type of South Asian dumpling, popular across the Indian subcontinent. But its taste remains incomplete without its Chutney, called Momos chutney which is deliciously spicy.

- 1 cup Water
- Kashmiri red Chillies
- Dry Red Chillies
- 2 Tomatoes
- Salt

Ingredients For Tempering:
- Oil
- 1/4 cup Garlic Cloves
- 1/4 cup Cashew Nuts
- 1/4 cup Red Capsicum(chopped)

1. Take water in a saucepan and turn on the flame
2. Add Kashmiri red chillies, dry red chillies to that saucepan and let it boil
3. Now cut 2 tomatoes into 4, and add it to the saucepan
4. Add some salt; mix it and cover it with its lid
5. Once completely boiled, turn off the flame and strain it in a bowl
6. Now, in a wok heat oil and add garlic cloves, cashew nuts, chopped capsicum and shallow-fry it
7. Peel the cover of the tomatoes and add the mixture to the wok and saute it
8. After sauteing for around 3 minutes, turn off the flame
9. Let the mixture cool down completely; grind it, add salt & vinegar in the middle and grind it again
10. Take it out in a bowl ad serve it with momos

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