Full E-book The School-Savvy Therapist: Working with Kids, Families and their Schools Review
  • 5 years ago
https://lkmnsorgedhang.blogspot.co.uk/?book= 0393711900
Kids encounter problems at school that run the gamut from school violence, to complex systemic problems rooted in poverty or racism, to daily struggles with homework or making friends.Therapists who work with kids typically do not receive training about when and how to contact schools, or about how to work with them collaboratively. The School-Savvy Therapist by Dr. Mary Eno provides a framework, tools, and guidelines for doing just that.Drawing on research, illustrative case examples, and interviews, this practical resource describes what therapists need to know about schools and how they can effectively foster a supportive child?family?school dynamic. From reviewing test results, conducting school observations and attending family?school meetings, to helping parents advocate for their kids and more, this book will help therapists understand the critical role they play in supporting kids who struggle at school.Checklists, questions, and specific guidelines are provided so that both novice and experienced therapists can engage in this work with skill and confidence.