Full version Corporate Laws of the World: A Handbook Best Sellers Rank : #4
  • 5 years ago
This handbook contains detailed reports on the corporate laws of almost 50 countries worldwide. Following a common structure, each country report is approximately 50 pages in length. Within each report the following information is presented:The legal status of private limited liability companies; the legal status of public companies; registration requirements; foundation; duration; name; legal capacity; memorandum and articles of association; capital and protection of capital; rights and duties of shareholders; corporate bodies and officers; power of representation; liability of corporate bodies; liability of shareholders; listing of the corporation; employee participation; annual financial statement: disclosure obligations; transfer of shares; encumbrance of shares; establishment of branches; insolvency; liquidation and winding-up; taxation; conversion; conflict of laws; cross-border structuring; overview of the law concerning capital markets.