Saifuddin: We're a small country, but we don't send people back

  • 5 years ago
Foreign Affairs Minister Saifuddin Abdullah made a sarcastic remark today on the United States' decision to cut the number of refugees that the country would admit.

Speaking to reporters after he accompanied United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet in a visit to a school for children of Rohingya refugees this morning, Saifuddin said Malaysia had never done such thing despite being a small country.

"We are a small country, and we have never sent people back," he said at Rohingya Intellectual Skills and Excellence Centre in Taman Kajang Utama, Selangor.

Saifuddin was responding to a journalist's request for his response over the recent decision by Donald Trump's administration to put a cap of below 20,000 refugees that the US would admit over the next few months.