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2 years ago

Full version Draw Llamas and Other Cute Creatures: Learn to draw more than 50 lovable critters
Draw Llamas and Other Cute Creatures is a fun and whimsical step-by-step guide to drawing a range of the cute and trendy creatures taking over social media in the worlds of art, decor, apparel, and gift, particularly on Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest. From hedgehogs, turtles, sloths, and bears to owls, foxes, unicorns, and llamas, today's contemporary arts-and-craft hobby spaces, both online and in retail, are dominated by cute things to draw, paint, and create. This book is designed especially for aspiring illustrators, art and do-it-yourself hobbyists, and aspiring artists who don't take any of it too seriously. Artists will be treated to an introduction to a variety of drawing media, including pencil, ink, colored pencil, and marker, before learning how to draw a range of cute and simple subjects, including a hedgehog, a pig, a fox, an owl, a unicorn, a llama, and much more. With popular contemporary illustrations guiding the way, readers will enjoy this fun and humorous approach to learning illustrative art.