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The top 10 Malaysian foods everyone should try

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From cendol to nasi lemak – the top 10 Malaysian foods everyone should try

From laksa to satay and roti canai to bak kut teh – the Southeast Asian country is a foodie’s paradise. Here are 10 traditional dishes you can’t miss.

Ask anybody what the one thing that cannot be missed in Malaysia is – and we bet the answer will be the food.

It’s almost impossible to visit Malaysia and not be tempted to try the plethora of traditional dishes on offer. Much like the country itself, Malaysian cuisine is culturally rich and diverse, with Malay, Chinese and Indian flavours each colliding in the nation’s cooking.
From famous street food to picture-perfect restaurant meals, natives are extremely proud of their local food heritage and have long regarded Malaysian fare as part of the nation’s identity.

Just talk to any Malaysian who is abroad, and the one thing they’ll say that they miss most about Malaysia is the food.

As Malaysians at home and abroad celebrate Hari Merdeka, the official National day of Malaysia, we celebrate the 10 national dishes every foodie should try.

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