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2 years ago

Terrifying moment pickup truck flips over central reservation into oncoming cars

This is the terrifying moment a pickup truck flips over a central reservation before smashing into oncoming cars.

Kittiphun Jengsiri, 35, was driving with his wife on the highway in Chachoengsao, central Thailand, on Saturday (September 14) afternoon when the vehicle came hurtling towards them.

The motorist's wife screamed as he quickly swerved away from the grey Mitsubishi Triton - saving both of their lives.

Seven cars were damaged in the crash and three people were taken to hospital for treatment for their injuries. Nobody was killed or seriously hurt.

Police are now investigating the cause of the accident which appeared to have happened when the pickup truck cut across a lorry and was clipped. It then spun out of control and bounced into the air before knocking over a lamppost and hitting cars travelling in the opposite lane.

Kittiphun, who captured the crash on his dashboard camera, said: ''I did not have a lot of time to react. The pickup truck suddenly appeared while I was in the middle lane so I swerved to the left and stopped. It's lucky that me and my wife and I were not hurt.''

Police in the Bangpakong said they were questioning the driver of the pickup truck over the accident to find the cause.

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