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Rail Transport Modelling in France: The superb model railway layout made by François Joyau - Pilentum Television - The World of Model Trains and Model Railroading and Scale Modeling

François Joyau built a superb model railway layout of the railway lines around Paris. This rail infrastructure was called “La Petite Ceinture”. However, he called his H0 gauge layout “57 bis Rue Eiffefe”. He reproduced a more urban atmosphere with buildings inspired by real places. Weathering and detailing are impressive, for example, the patina, which differs from one building to another.

François Joyau has gone very far in his attention to detail: At the station, the various inscriptions are printed on photo paper, and at the “Cinéma Palace” six red LED, driven by an Arduino single-board microcontroller, animate the signs. The model train layout is fully digitized and controlled by a “Z21 Roco DCC”.

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