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The Magic of Backdrops for Model Railroad Layouts and Backscenes for Model Railways: Narrow-gauge Railway in Salzburg in Austria - Pilentum Television - The World of Model Trains and Model Railroading and Scale Modeling

Actually, it’s just a narrow-gauge model railroad layout built in HO scale by a group of German model railroaders. But that certain something of this HO scale layout is highlighted by the amazing high quality photo backdrop, background or backscene. Therefore, Pilentum named this video “The Magic of Backgrops for Model Trains”.

However, in this this video we are going to discover a superb scale model of the famous “Pinzgauer Lokalbahn”, formerly known as “Pinzgaubahn” or “Krimmler Bahn”, a narrow-gauge railway in Salzburg in Austria. This nearly 50 kilometer railroad crosses the Pinzgau mountains through a breathtaking landscape. Although Steffen Pohl, Michael Geifes und Rainer Dargel are train enthusiasts from Germany, they decided to construct this Austrian railroad.

The combination of highly detailed weathered locomotives and trains with this tailor-made high quality photo backdrop and the amazingly designed landscape is truly spectacular. It’s a little work of art and a masterpiece of model railroading. On the layout, various narrow-gauge trains commute from the fiddle yard on the left to the fiddle yard on the right. There is also a replica of the “Tischlerhäusl” rail station, which in reality is located near Zell am See, Austria. Furthermore, there are a factory, a large sawmill and an abandoned gravel mill.

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