About For Books Legal and Ethical Essentials of Health Care Administration Review

  • 5 years ago
Legal & Ethical Essentials of Health Care Administration, Second Edition is the ideal text for courses that combine a study of both the legal and ethical aspects of health care administration. Derived from George Pozgar's best-selling textbook, Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration, 11th Edition, this concise text provides the reader with the necessary knowledge to become conversant with both legal and ethical issues pertinent to the health care profession. Using reader-friendly language, the book unravels the complexities of the legal system, and provides the reader with a strong foundation in health care law and ethics.Readers will gain a solid understanding of what steps providers of care, legislative bodies, patients, patient families, and patient advocates can do help to prevent the wide variety of harmful events that can occur in healthcare. It presents a review of health law topics in an interesting and understandable format, leading the reader through the complicated maze of the legal system.Key Features: -Written by an author with highly specialized knowledge gained through extensive experience in the healthcare field, including the surveys of more than 500 hospitals and over a thousand ambulatory sites throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.-Presents actual court cases, state and federal statues, and common-law principles to help the reader understand the practical application of the concepts learned.-Examines the history of health care legal and ethical issues, including a look at the current status of the Affordable Care Act.-Includes a broad discussion of the legal system, including the sources of law and government organization.-Offers basic reviews of tort law, criminal issues, contracts, civil procedure and trial practice, and a wide range of real life legal and ethical dilemmas that caregivers have faced as they wound their way through the courts.-Provides an overview of various ways to improve the quality and delivery of health care.