4 years ago

Online Introduction to Solid Modeling Using Solidworks 2016 For Full

Online Introduction to Solid Modeling using SolidWorks primarily consists of chapter-long tutorials, which introduce both basic concepts in solid modeling (such as part modeling, drawing creation, and assembly modeling) and more advanced applications of solid modeling in engineering analysis and design (such as mechanism modeling, mold creation, sheet metal bending, and rapid prototyping). Each tutorial is organized as "keystroke-level" instructions, designed to teach the use of the software. This new edition has been fully updated for the SolidWorks 2016 software package. All tutorials and figures have been modified for the new version of the software.Additional resources are available online at www.mhhe.com/howard2016. Included on the website are tutorials for three popular SolidWorks Add-Ins, SolidWorks(R) Simulation, SolidWorks(R) MotionTM and PhotoView360, and the book figures in PowerPoint format. Instructors can also access PowerPoint files for each chapter, model files for all tutorials, and end-of-chapter problems, as well as a teaching guide. For Trial