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3 years ago

Online Healing without Hurting: Treating ADHD, Apraxia and Autism Spectrum Disorders Naturally and

[Read] Jennifer Kozek is a therapist who practices in Connecticut, and is also the mother of a son with Autism Spectrum disorders. After treating Evan bio-medically, along with other healing practices, Jennifer witnessed the kind of improvements that every parent of a similarly diagnosed child dreams of: Evan no longer grunts and screams, throws toys, hits others, or has mood swings. He no longer throws himself into fits of uncontrollable rage, ?listens to his teachers & responds appropriately. He copes better with changes in routine & makes eye contact more often. He no longer enters into a trance-like state and the list goes on. Evan is now a happy, well-adjusted, 7 year-old. ?It is the author's mission to reach ?the millions of parents who struggle to find healthier and more natural ways to treat their children's nuanced disorders. Healing without Hurting, includes a full menu of natural treatment options, including:?A real world success story.?Specific points highlighted in boxes.Tips that highlight the main ideas of each chapter.Simple recipes and healthy alternatives. ?Readers will learn how to:?Identify common labels of behaviors.Recognize the early warning signs that an autoimmune disorder is brewing.Identify the different medications; potential benefits and side-effects.Find the right doctors and practitioners.Identify food sensitivities and other autoimmune assaults.Test for nutritional deficiencies and causes for malabsorption.Heal the intestinal system.Strengthen the immune system.Look for and treat the other underlying issues, e.g. sleep problems.Shop for the best vitamin supplements on the market.Recognize food additives to avoid.Avoid toxins in their environment.Wash away toxins from the body.Incorporate other effective healing treatments and modalities.Have the healthiest pregnancy possible to reduce the risk of ADHD and autism.Instill healthy eating and other practices for their family.The Author would like to help shift current medical and society practices. For Online