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[Read] Don't Eat This!: 12 Ingredients in Your Daily Meals that You Should Worry About For Full

[Read] Sometimes the deadliest ingredients are hidden in the simplest things! Ever wondered what, exactly, is in your daily bowl of cereal? What do MSG and BHT stand for, and how do they harm you? Should you choose sugar or artificial sweeteners? Or, have you read multiple articles about the poisonous levels of aluminum in food, but are unsure about how to avoid them practically in your diet?Some of the most frightening and harmful ingredients to our health can be found in the common foods that we eat every day?the stuff no one tells us about. With current, updated research that has been compiled into a practical and straightforward guide for both the novice and the informed person, Don?t Eat This! lists twelve of the most worrisome ingredients you might be ingesting every day, and that you definitely want to watch out for, including:? High-fructose corn syrup? Mercury? Aluminum? Food coloring? Bleached flour? Nitrites? And more!Learn what each ingredient is, what it is used for, its health risks and side effects, which foods it can be found in, how to locate it on labels, and how to switch it out for healthier alternatives in your daily diet. Don?t let yourself eat any more of these ingredients, now that you know to avoid them! For Full