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2 years ago

'Mr Peabody' director praises Pinoy animators

NEW YORK CITY -- Dreamworks' new animated movie "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" takes viewers through an unusual father-and-son duo's incredible journey across time. Voiced by Ty Burrell, star of the hit TV series "Modern Family", Mr. Peabody is a highly intelligent pooch who invented WABAC so he can give his son some history lessons by having him experience it first hand. But when Sherman, voiced by Max Charles, the young Spiderman in "The Amazing Spider-Man", took his friend for a joyride, they accidentally ripped a hole in the universe. What happens next is an adventure of a lifetime. Director Rob Minkoff once joked that this movie is like the original 'Modern Family.' "It's about acceptance and the importance of families," he said. "As an adoptive parent, I love the message that it isn't necessarily the externals that are important, a parent who loves and cares for their kids is the most important thing, that is really the strongest storyline," Burrell said. Asked where he would go if given a chance to ride a WABAC, Charles replied: "Either the old Mr Peabody and Sherman or dinosaurs, coz - maybe not get too close to dinosaurs, just stay in the WABAC." Derived from his favorite 1960's TV show "Rocky and Bullwinkle," Minkoff, whose previous animated hits include The Lion King, updates this classic cartoon to make it fun for today's kids yet witty enough for adults to enjoy. Minkoff revealed that he has worked with some of the greatest Filipino animators in the business. "Reuben Aquino was an animator that I worked with for a long time in Disney on the Lion King - a great Filipino animator... He was one of the best animators I ever got to work with. He did adult Simba in the Lion King, He also animated Ursula in the Little Mermaid which is a character that I designed," Minkoff said. Minkoff is all praises for Filipino talent. He says he's a fan of Fil-Am Dean Devlin, the producer of the hit film "Independence Day." "I have not been to the Philippines yet but I'm destined to go there very soon," he said. "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" opens in the Philippines on March 6 and March 7 in the US.