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2 years ago

Inception Copied This Anime!


Anime fans would know that Christopher Nolan’s work in Inception was not an original. His movie Inception is a copy of Satoshi Kon’s anime Paprika. Satoshi Kon’s Paprika is about psychologist who creates a device to enter her patient’s dreams. Not only did he borrow elements from the story but his editing and framing of Inception can be compared side by side.

Paprika was created by acclaimed director Satoshi Kon. Premiering in 2006, it was Kon's last feature film before his death in 2010. It won the Tokyo Anime Award for Best Music in 2007, and the Newport Beach Film Festival named it best animated feature film in 2007. It was based on a 1993 novel of the same name by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

In the film, a technology lab creates a revolutionary device called the DC Mini. The device, which allows entry into the world of dreams, is originally intended for therapeutic use. Used correctly, it can help get to the root of psychological problems and potentially heal mental illness. Used incorrectly, it can cause a mental breakdown.

When the DC Mini is stolen, people start behaving in unusual and dangerous ways, triggering the police to hunt down the thief. As dreams begin to blur with reality, things get increasingly surreal.

Inception hit theaters in 2010. It was written and directed by Christopher Nolan, known for his work on Memento, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and Dunkirk. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Ellen Page.

The plot centers on Dominick Cobb, a thief who enters the dreams of high-ranking businesspeople to steal their corporate secrets. In exchange for amnesty for his crimes, he's given the inverse task of planting an idea into a CEO's head. A violent dream manifestation of his guilty feelings over his wife's death gets in the way of this task.

Inception and Paprika aren't just rife with similar plot elements; in some cases, they're the same shot for shot. In Inception, when Cobb is explaining to Ariadne how dream construction works, she touches what appears to be air, and it shatters. In Paprika, the title character touches and shatters a piece of the dream when she realizes it has started to fall apart.

In another Paprika scene, Konokawa, a police officer who has been undergoing treatment via the DC Mini, sees a man mid-fall in a hallway. A scene in Inception involves a mid-air fight in a hotel hallway. While the two don't look exactly the same, they're similar enough to raise some eyebrows.

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