3 years ago

Full version California Evidence Code with Objections Review

Ah, the keen discomfort of being caught without a comeback. We've all been there--and experienced, too, the other side of it: coming up with the perfect retort hours after it doesn't matter anymore. The French call it l'espirit de l'escalier--but here at NITA, we call it with California Evidence Code with Objections, Fourth Edition. When you're in court, stakes are too high for you to fumble for words. California Evidence Code with Objections is there to help. Seasoned advocates Allen Snyder, David Sonenshein, and Anthony Bocchino break down, in alphabetical order, every topic of inadmissible evidence (such as Argumentative, Hearsay, Privileged, among many others) and offer the perfect objection, along with the response, cross-reference to the Code, and explanation to back it up. This pocket-sized book, reflecting changes through December 2016, lets you instantly consult the relevant California Rule, find appropriate objections and responses during trial, and gain insight from practice tips and legal interpretations. So that when opposing counsel asks your witness, "Where were you the night of December 19, and what exactly were you doing?" you say, "Objection, Your Honor. Compound question." Pick up California Evidence Code with Objections and never again be at a loss for words.