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3 years ago

Full version Let Me Tell You a Story: A New Approach to Healing through the Art of Storytelling
Let Me Tell You a Story is a tender and delicate book about the search for happiness. Demi?n is highly strung young man, curious about the world and himself, but he has difficulty facing some of life?s everyday problems, those concerning work, his love life, and relationships with friends and family. He is eager to know more about himself and to learn how to confront life with gusto and serenity. In short, he wants what all of us want: to be happy and fulfilled. Demi?n finds Jorge, an unconventional psychoanalyst who approaches Demi?n?s dilemma in an unconventional way. Every day, Jorge tells Demi?n a story. At times they are classic fables, others modern stories, or folk tales, stories that have been revisited and reshaped by the analyst to help his young friend overcome his doubts and find happiness. They are, in short, stories that can help every one of us better understand ourselves, our relationships, and our fears.