[Read] Solidworks 2017 Learn by Doing: Part, Assembly, Drawings, Sheet Metal, Surface Design, Mold

  • 5 years ago
Online SOLIDWORKS 2017 Learn by doing introduces new users to mechanical design using SOLIDWORKS and how it can be used to create a variety of models. In fourteen tutorial based chapters, author guides you through all the necessary commands and options in SOLIDWORKS 2017, from sketching to parametric modeling and finally ending with rendering. The commands are presented one step at a time using simple examples. The approach used in this book helps you to become a skilled SOLIDWORKS user.SOLIDWORKS 2017 Learn by doing begins with introduction basic modeling. The later chapters focus on additional modeling, top-down assemblies, sheet metal modeling, drafting, surface modeling, mold tools, weldments, DimXpert, and rendering.Table of Contents1. Getting Started2. Modeling Basics3. Assembly Basics4. Creating Drawings5. Sketching6. Additional Modeling Tools7. Sheet metal Modeling8. Top-Down Assembly9. Dimensions and Annotations10. Surface Design11. Mold Tools12. Weldments13. DimXpert14. Appearances and RenderingIf you are an educator, you can request an evaluation copy by sending us an email to online.books999@gmail.com For Full