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Crystal Findings Inc. - Wholesale Supplier of Swarovski Crystal Beads

Crystal Findings Inc.
Swarovski crystals are one of the highest quality glass crystals available today. They are precision cut using a proprietary hydro-electric glass-cutting technique invented in the late 1800s by Bohemian glass cutter Daniel Swarovski. This process produces brilliant crystals than the beads obtained by hand cutting. The cutting process adds as many as 100 facets to each crystal which mirror and bend light in various directions, providing a higher refraction index in the crystals.

The Swarovski crystal beads are polished to perfection after the complex cutting process. Some of the crystals also have a metallic coating that refracts light in a rainbow spectrum.

Real Swarovski crystals must be identical and will reveal no bubbles within the crystal. Here are a few tips for identifying real Swarovski crystal beads.
• They should be identical in size and cut.
• They should have no bubbles.
• They must be clear and brilliant with no oily sheen or dullness.
• The shine of the Swarovski crystal beads must resemble the shine of the diamond.
• The facets of the crystals must meet and point upwards.
• If you are buying colored crystals, they should be identical in tone.

Buy Swarovski crystal beads from a Swarovski authorized dealer as they carry a vast array of Swarovski crystal beads in different sizes, shapes, and cuts. Crystal Findings is one of America’s very few authorized Swarovski resellers, supplying you with sparkling beads, pendants, rondelles, and flat back stones in a wide variety of crystal sizes, shapes, and colors.

From very small quantities to bulk Swarovski crystal beads, Crystal Findings can meet all of your jewelry making needs. They carry one of the largest selection of Swarovski crystal beads in the US. They also supply a variety of sterling silver beads at affordable rates. Visit https://www.crystalfindings.com/product-category/swarovski-crystal-beads/ for more information.