15 years ago

Boog Popping Style DVD Perview - Hip Hop | Popping | ...

Tommy CHan
Description: This is an advanced level DVD that requires you to already know and be comfortable with the basics of footwork, hitting and body isolation. If you are not proficient in these three areas please be prepared for a challenge or think about purchasing some of our other products that cover these basic concepts. Boog is all about combining your foot work with hitting and upper body isolation while you freestyle to the music. The first three sections of this DVD cover how to layer these three parts of Boog style together. You start with Hypno as he reviews the footwork you need. Then in section two he adds hitting to the mix. Once youve mastered this he layers on your upper body isolation in chapter three. After youve got a handle on mixing these three components move on to the 7 elite style combos that are included in to help you grasp the concepts and get some practice in. Once you feel comfortable you should turn on your favorite song and rock out to it. This is the essence of Boog. Features: • Footwork • Footwork with hitting • Footwork, hitting and upper body isolation. • Seven Elite Expression style combos Get this DVD in hard copy or Download now @ http://www.UrbanExpressionProject.com