DIY Revamp Your Old Bandana - POPxo Fashion

  • il y a 5 ans
"While a bandana simply looks like a triangular or square piece of cloth tied around the head or around the neck for protective or decorative purposes actually has many uses! Did you know you could use a bandana as a piece of cloth to tie around your mouth to cover yourself from the pollution or use it to tie around a cut that you might have gotten? Well, you would be surprised at the multiple uses when it comes to the bandana. They are not just used for tying it up on your head but many more things. So if you have an old bandana lying around, then it is time to take it out and revamp it and try using it in a different way possible.
POPxo just helps you do that. The fashion team at POPxo did a DIY revamp your bandana and turned into something completely different and interesting. Watch this video to see how you could revamp your bandana and turn into something totally different. "

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