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3 years ago

[Read] Triathlon for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know about Training, Nutrition, Kit,
Online Are you thinking about getting into triathlon or doing your first race? Have you finished a couple of races and are keen to improve your time? Do you find the whole sport daunting and confusing? Are you a little intimidated by everybody else who looks like they know what they are doing?This easy to understand and insightful book is packed with practical ways you can improve and it will help you:Understand the sport of triathlon "what is triathlon and how does it work?"Develop a training plan together that simplifies your seasonTrain effectively so you minimise the risk of getting injuredStop you making the mistakes which cost a lot of time and moneyMake you feel confident when you are on the start lineDecide what race length is best for you from sprint to IronmanBuy the right triathlon kit to suit your ability and your aspirationsA personal note from the author:"This book is gathered from years of training and racing but not only from my triathlon experience but from the experience of champions. I have trained with and raced with elite athletes and winners from all over the world but I started not knowing what I was doing and was scared to death when I did my first race. I wish I had this book when I started out. I would have saved myself a lot of heart ache and stress! I wrote this to help all triathlon rookies get over their nerves and enjoy this fantastic sport.""Triathlon for beginners" is the start to finish complete guide which covers all the areas of training and racing including:Where to start - types of races, what you need to know and where to beginJargon buster - helping you understand the terms of the sport so you can understand what people are talking about when they say "T1" or "Brick"!Training rules and techniquesSwimming technique and etiquetteRunning technique and how to prevent injury and run fasterCycling in a pack what to do and what not to doTransition - how to lay it out, what to bring and how to be effectiveUnderstanding nutrition and why it is key, how best to manage your nutrition and what is best to eat for triathlon training and racingRace day - what to look out for, how to prepare and what to expectThis guide takes you from start to finish so you can feel confident and comfortable when you train and race.Here are some of the comments we have had from readers...I loved this book!I have completed a few triathlons- sprint and Olympic distance. This book really simplified what is important to focus on. There is so much to know and learn that sometimes you feel overwhelmed. It is an easy, entertaining read but packed with good knowledge that made a big difference to my racing.Charlotte Campbell, World Games triathlon gold medallistI wish this was around before!I did a number of Triathlons over the last few years. When I first took it up I had to ask people's advice which at best was disjointed and worst, confusing. I also read some very good stuff on the internet, however this was also disjointed and incomplete. This book would have been ideal, as it puts it all together clearly and concisely.Liam Harrington; sprint triathlete" For Trial