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3 years ago

Family adventures holiday – the unique & special experiences ideas when traveling in North Vietnam.

A family holiday is a time for an adventure, filled with learning, having fun and expanding horizons. An adventure trip for the family is designed to be suitable for each member of every age. Together, discover the interesting destinations and Experience rural lifestyles Vietnam has to offer.
North Vietnam is an especially mountainous area; There lives the fascinating cultures of various ethnic people, with untouched nature, amazing landscape, and disarmingly friendly people. I’m sure your family will love to explore it.
Your family can experience becoming a farmer- joining the tribal people in their daily work. You will see and understand the difficulties and differences between modern life in a developed country versus a simple life in a developing country. You will have a chance to do the real work of a farmer, engage in activities such as corn milling, growing rice, collecting bamboo or learning the handicrafts of the minority people. Experience handicrafts such as embroidery, weaving,and drawing beeswax. Each activity will allow your family to engage in exciting discoveries.
3. Besides the learning activities, a family trip should of course include physical activities to challenge and develop the families’ heath and well being. Trekking is one of the more interesting actities your family should try. All together yo can trek through the forest, across beautiful rice fields, and through the paths in the small villages of the minority people. Intertwine with nature, leave the phones at home, and take a chance to talk together and reconnect a family.
Visit to Vietnam, especially in the North, your family will be welcomed by the warm hospitality of the local people, in the cities and in the rural areas as well. If you have a local tour guide, it’s way easier to travel and communicate with the Vietnamese people and your family will have more time and flexibility to focus and explore the culture.
You and your family will be graciously welcomed into the homes and lifestyle of the indigenous communities. Here, you will have the opportuinty to play with the children ini local kindegraten, try on traditional clothing, and enjoy the unique and delicious dishes in a home stay.
Lets make your family trip in Vietnam become special and memorable, time to refresh and reconnect all of the members.