4 years ago

Full version Wake, Rise, Resist: The Progressive Teen's Guide to Fighting Tyrants and A*holes

Joanna Spathis and Kerri Kennedy's how-to guide to social activism for teens?or anyone, really?includes 128 well-researched actions (and plenty of entertaining snark) in ten chapters. Set up in three parts, the book is designed to guide readers into finding their political voice and is set up in such a way to help those feeling disenfranchised be more empowered instantly.Wake, Rise, Resist shows readers how to get involved in the work for social justice, racial equality, refugees, feminism, the environment, and more. This book has something to engage and empower every reader, no matter their age or personality type.Part I: Building Your Activist Toolkit sets all activists up for success, with actions to help extroverts, introverts, artists, techies, social media junkies, and more. Part II: Activism Gets Real takes a long look at racism, sexism, and privilege and also offers a chapter with more than 15 passion projects to capture the imagination of any reader. Part III: From Activist to Advocate offers advice on how to raise awareness, raise funds, and use self-care to keep yourself in the fight.Stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling in control. It's time to Wake, Rise, Resist.