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3 years ago

Nintendo 64 Games That I Got Recently & An Announcement

#Nintendo64 #N64 #Pokemon
In this video of mine, I show all of you the Nintendo 64 games that I got recently. (On July 16th, 2019 to be exact) I got four Nintendo 64 games added to my collection today and I got another Nintendo 64 video game console today.

What games did I get for the N64? Find out in this video! I also make an announcement on what stuff I'll be doing in 2019 and 2020. I even give out the results to which Super Nintendo game that I will be reviewing first sometime in 2019! I hope you all enjoy this video on my channel!

Feel free to follow me on my TheVideoGamer64 channel on here to see more videos on here! Enjoy the video everyone! :)

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