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2 years ago

चटपटे, मसालेदार, खटटे-मीठे, मिक्स vegetable वाले हेल्दी नूडल बनाने की सरल और आसान विधि/Simple and easy method of making spicy, sour-sweet, mixed vegetables healthy noodles.

Dimple,The Kitchen Queen
My dear foodies,

Noodle food is like everyone but if the noodle is healthy with being healthy, then what is the matter. This video has shown how to make a healthy and spicy noodle.

I warmly welcome you all to my channel "Dimple, The Kitchen Queen". especially for those people who have art and passion for cooking but also have a passion for eating. In this channel, you will be very easy to consume Indian cuisine which will be based on the famous and traditional food of different states of India. In my channel, I am going to show you the best food that can be made in the world such as Chinese food, Thai food, European food, etc. If you also have a passion for eating and cooking, then you will also learn to make different types of luxurious sweet dishes on my channel.

Always cook Good, feed Good and Eat Good.

Home Cook Dimple Kale

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