3 years ago

The Fruits of Becoming a Physician Assistant

Every year millions of college students enroll in college with an undeclared major, or they change their majors or even change colleges thus many times needing to re-take courses which do not transfer to another school. Millions of dollars are wasted in loans and tuition. On this episode of "Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar," our guest, John Philip Festa is the owner and founder of Excell Education. Mr. Festa has created a proven system of support to help his clients who are interested in applying to become a Physician Assistant to increase their percentage of acceptance to that program from 4.5% or 97%!

Physician Assistants earn, on average $160,000 a year after five years nationally at a quarter of the cost of becoming an MD. Thus, making the occupation of Physician Assistant a desirable alternative to becoming a medical doctor if the medical field is where you want to be in a career path. The total average educational cost to become a medical doctor is over $400,000! While the average price to become a Physician Assistant is around $100,000!

"Stop My Crisis with Vivian Gaspar" is a TV show which proactively brings real-life solutions to a variety of crises. Watch this episode and stop the crisis of wasting money, time, and effort of a college education, which can be better directed with this little known medical career.