Sunama Park, Susni Island Mangroves, Bakkhali Sunset Point , West Beach Side , Kargil Beach , Frasergunj Harbour, West Bengal, Bay of Bengal , India -Aerial stock footage 4K-
  • 5 years ago
Susni Island is a newly developing island in Sundarban creeks and river system, having more than 150 years of development history. The island emerged around the year 1914 and at present, it has an exposed area of 14.19 The depositional history of the island as revealed from the study of benthic foraminiferal zones erected from a good section suggest remarkable changes with time. The top 0-20cm sediment zone is dominated by intertidal benthic foraminiferal assemblage mainly represented by Ammonia tepida. However, 20cm to 120cm zone contains marsh foraminiferal assemblage comprising of Haplophragmoides wilberti, Haplophragmoides sp., Trochammina inflata, Milliammina fusca and Jadammina macrescens. From 120cm to 240cm, the sediments comprise of alternate phases of sub-tidal and lower marsh depositional regimes. So, the presence of marsh foraminifera below the intertidal assemblage suggests gradual submergence of the island. Based on the radiocarbon (14C) age dating of organic-rich sediments from the well section, it is inferred that the rate of sedimentation (~ 0.66cm/years) exceeds the rate of subsidence (0.26cm/years). This accounts for net growth of the island despite whole submergence due to the relative rise in sea level. (Submerging Susni Island of Sundarban Delta complex: A report)

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