Full version The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics: How to Create and Sell Comic Books,
  • 5 years ago
Take Control of Your Comics-Making Destiny Creating your own comic is easier than ever before. With advances in technology, the increased connectivity of social media, and the ever-increasing popularity of the comics medium, successful DIY comics publishing is within your reach. With The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics, creators/instructors Comfort Love and Adam Withers provide a step-by-step breakdown of the comics-making process, perfect for any aspiring comics creator. This unprecedented, in-depth coverage gives you expert analysis on each step?writing, drawing, coloring, lettering, publishing, and marketing. Along the way, luminaries in the fields of comics, manga, and webcomics?like Mark Waid, Adam Warren, Scott Kurtz, and Jill Thompson?lend a hand, providing ?Pro Tips? on essential topics for achieving your comics-making dreams. With the insights and expertise contained within these pages, you?ll have everything you need and no excuses left: It?s time to make your comics!