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Superb Model Railroad Diorama: Double deck road and rail bridge for model trains in Z scale - Pilentum Television: Model Railroading and Railway Modelling

There are many definitions for combined railway and motorway bridges. Some say double deck road and rail bridge or double-decker bridge, others say road-rail bridge. However, in this this video we are going to discover a superb scale model of the double-deck rail and road bridge crossing the river Moselle at Bullay, Germany.

This bridge, called “Moselle Bridge Bullay”, is located near Coblenz and Trier, and it is Germany’s first combined railway and road bridge, built between 1875 and 1878. Its total length is 957 feet or 314 meters. Rainer Tielke, a model railroader and model railway enthusiast from Germany, constructed a true to original replica of this bridge in 1/220 scale, also known as Z scale or Z gauge. The bridge is the focus of his superb model railway layout.

On the left and right side are tunnels; they serve as access to the fiddle yard behind the diorama. The bridge is shared by road and rail lines. The rail track is above the roadway, so that trains may operate at the same time as cars. On the bridge not only model trains drive, but also buses and trucks drive over the bridge.

A so-called “Miniature Car System” was installed along the road. The bodies of the vehicles were produced with a 3D printer, while the micro gearwheels, micro gearmotors and micro gearboxes were produced by the Polish company KK Produkcja. Apart from the bridge, this diorama also offers a very special highlight, namely the perfect background scenery. In the background of the model railroad layout a scale photo was inserted. The photo wallpaper depicts the real landscape around the bridge.

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